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What we do

We offer unique and effective solutions to any situation where work at height or in confined spaces is required.


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Commercial and domestic

  • Signage and banners

  • Anchor Bolt and Wire Frame installation

  • Window cleaning at height

  • Specialist atrium maintenance

  • Facade maintenance

  • Roof repairs and rooftop work

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Gutter repair

  • Gutter maintenance

  • Cladding

  • Lead work

  • Sealing

  • Bird pest control

  • Electrical and mechanical maintenance

  • Climbing wall maintenance

Installation assistance at height

  • Cladding and curtain walling 

  • Glazing solutions 

  • Steel erection

  • Netting 

  • Anti-bird solution 

  • Rigging and lifting for construction

Film, TV & Promotional work

  • We provide rope access for filming at height or in difficult to reach or potentially dangerous surroundings such as treetops, cliffs or high platforms, overseeing all of the rope access related activities, including rope and cable rigging and safety and rescue cover and supervision. 

  • We also have a rare ability to rig zip-lines to capture unique tracking shots in wild situations.


  • Painting  

  • Spraying 

  • Mastic and sealants 

  • Protective coatings 

  • Cleaning and dust removal 

  • High pressure hose cleaning 

  • Specialist atrium maintenance

Renewable energy sector

  • Installation assistance 

  • Cleaning 

  • Inspection

  • Maintenance of wind turbines. 


  • Cliff/rock stabilization

  • Anchor bolt installation

  • Vegetation removal


  • Wind turbines 

  • Ships

  • Lighthouses

Data Centres

  • Deep clean of server rooms

  • Inside racks / cabinets

  • Under floor cleaning

Inspections and surveys

  • Visual inspection and surveying

  • Photographic and video Surveys

  • Safety checks

Electrical and mechanical maintenance services

  • Wiring 

  • Installations at height 

Mobile elevated work platforms and cranes

  • We are certified to use mobile elevated work platforms.  

  • We can also rescue workers stranded on elevated platforms.

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